Dear readers, it is now possible to read your favourite Indonesian webtoons in English. We’ve been working hard to adapt the comics for the international audiences so we can all share the same joy in reading this comic worldwide. Our translation has also become a source to be translated into another language such as Portuguese, French and Spanish. We can only do this much, but we also hope that Indonesian comic can go international and reach more audiences. This is possible with the help from international translators who translate it into their respective languages. If you want to see their works, you can open your app, choose the Fans Translation menu and it will be all there for you to read.

If you are translator and interested to translate these titles into your own language, feel free to use our translation as your source without our permission. We do wish you cite our team name as your source, but this is voluntary. The only languages that may NOT use our translation as source is English and Indonesian. Please do not use our translation to create, edit or improve any other English or Indonesian version without our permission.

The English adaptation under our team name (Pujangga Webtoon) is possible thanks to the help from Brazil (Golden Knight Team). Special shout out to Silvana, the team leader who has experiences in English and willing to give us a hand to carefully check the translation quality. Muito obrigado!! Visit their blog now to read webtoons in Portuguese and see how large their contributions are. They are the best team in Line Webtoon Translate.

The list for the English translated webtoon are currently on the same page with the original Indonesian. We will soon create a dedicated page for them.

Titles currently available under Pujangga Team:

by Archie The Redcat

My Prewedding
by Annisa Nisfihani

by Shinshinhye


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